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  1. Hey ive been trying to crack blizzard accounts for around 2 months now , however i am not having very good luck -i brought private abv.bg mail acess combo (ALL BLIZZARDS ARE 2FA SO NEED MAIL ACESS) - i then checked the abv.bg combo for hits got around 8k from a 50k combo -opened up silverbullet got my proxies in and everything -config... i dont seem to have / can find a config for blizzard checker - i used the blizzard config by LowkeyConfig and works good cus all are 2fa so they moove to the custom section and i tried logging into them but i dont get an option for email verification - i only seem to get either authenticator or sms verification -i know how to login to the mail and everything but i just dont seem to be getting anywhere i think maybe the combo wasnt very good so i guess i could say im looking for a good combo for blizzard mail acess and also config to tell what games the accs have eg COLD WAR , Modernwarfare etc thanks for the help discord : ryankapperr#7865

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