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Found 4 results

  1. 1X UDEMY Courses 1) Learn T-SQL from Scratch 2) Complete Python Bootcamp 3) Unreal Engine Developer Course 4) The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
  2. Version 1.0: - Initial release. Version 1.1: - Added '+' (Add) function - Added '-' (Subtraction) function - Added '/' (Divide) function - Added '%' (Modulus) function - Added '*' (Multiplication) function - Added '^' (Pow) function - Added 'Abs' function - Added 'Ceil' function - Added 'Floor' function - Added 'Round' function - Fix 'cast not supported' in some expressions - Fix 'Parameter type mismatch' in some expressions - Fix error while trying to copy lists data - Fix Debug Form operation timed out issue after debugging stage/config on Execute single line function Version 1.2: - Fix config list not listing encrypted configs Version 1.3: - Added 'RegexReplace' function - Added 'RegexOptions' and 'Timeout' Optional Parameters to 'RegexMatch' function - Added 'RegexOptions' and 'Timeout' Optional Parameters to 'RegexMatches' function - Fix expression parser issue with parsing expression wrong (Rare) - Fix always Following redirects - Fix proxy settings and Auto Update Proxies issue (not being set) - Fix Form errors on changing settings while no configs selected - Fix setting list position works after several clicks/tries - Fix Delete worker button Version 1.4: - Added 'Online Stormers'! see how many users are running STORM! - Added 'Escape new lines' option in Debug Form > Tab 2 > Escaper - Added 'Unescape new lines' option in Debug Form > Tab 2 > Unescaper - Performance improvements! - Fixed FTP Bad Sequence of Commands issue - Fixed Unable to start checker again while stopping checker by 'Delete worker' button - Fixed 'Condition' config key "Any" value case sensitivity - Fixed 'START' button cannot start a new checker when Stopping/Pausing a checker! - Fixed 'Replace' function issue - Increase time out of Single Function Executer in Debug Form to 5 second Version 2.0: - New Design/Form made from Scratch! Google's Material Design! - Fully Responsive and Resizable Debug Form! - HUGE Performance improvements. - New Encryption key for Config Encryption, Note that you can still load old encrypted configs! - Fixed Memory Leak. - Added Database File to View Unknown List Debug Logs to prevent High Memory usage and possible crash on huge Unknown items. - Added Optimized and Smart CloudFlare 5 Seconds Challenge page Solver! Add "CFPassDelay = 5000" to the Stages that need to pass the CloudFlare (Recommended to use it in all Stages if the Host has CloudFlare Enabled)! "MaxCFRetries = xx" General config key to limit retries, Return banned when limit reached. - Added Debug Threads option, Add "Debug = True" in "General" section of Config, Remove it before Releasing Configs as it really increase Memory Usage. - Added Syntax Highlighting for Debugs, Including HTML and STORM Codes. - Hits/Free Items will get Saved Immediately now. - Amount of threads can now be decreased without STORM pausing. - The HTTP Header field orders will be kept and will send as you provided in config, Also Set "*" for "Content-Length" header value to have it's real value wherever you want. - Handle "IndexOf" function possible Exceptions, returns "-1" on Exceptions/Errors! - Handle "Substring" function possible Exceptions, returns the Input string/text without any changes on Exceptions/Errors! the worker will not get stopped anymore. - "!=" (Not Equal) function now can also compare strings/texts - "UnixTimeToDate" on Empty or wrong Unixtime format will return nothing (No more Errors/Exceptions) Version 2.0.1: - Standalone Executable file. - Added Advance Debug Logs Regarding the Functions and their Errors - Fixed "Parsing" error message in Thread infos. - Fixed Config Executor Debug Log shows The Proxy as Proxy Type. - Fixed Debug Form's Crash Error (due to the Syntax Highlighting, Just disabled it!) - Fixed Debug Form's Custom Response Setter In Page 2 - Changed the Protector and Protection Method that Caused some issues. Version 2.0.2: - Target framework changed to .NET Framework 4.7.2 - Added Text Find/Search for Debug Form. - New Config Encryption key, v2.0.2 Encrypted Configs cannot be loaded on lower versions. - Fixed Load Combo List Error due to low-length Combo file path (<= 70) - Thread's Debug Logs Full Screen Availability
  3. Sentry MBA 2.0 The version of Sentry is awesome and clean. https://ufile.io/cjhiy VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/759383aa458dcc6b2ba1df5e9670bab1accec9b9232221448d2c5a039ea447e9/detection Good Luck

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