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Note: BAN anyone get this without "UPVOTE" or "DON'T REPORT IF DIED" :ag:



1/ You must use "EditThisCookie" on Chrome to add my cookie, when done, open "https://18tokyo.com/profile" and see the premium account on your Chrome but don't click "Log Out"

2/ You should use the USA VPN (ExpressVPN, HMA) to avoid lock or reset password from own account.

3/ Don't leech to share to another forums because we can find and BAN you, lol :bg:

4/ How to do it in mobile phone???

---> This time, seems we can't use cookies premium of Desktop for Mobile because every mobile browser, just like desktop browsers, has different cookie settings and handle first party and third party cookies differently. In essence, cookies are fully functional on the mobile web. The main limitation of cookies on mobile browsers is that they reset when the browser is closed or when the phone is shut down/restarted. :hy:

Watch this video if you don't know way to do it :hy:

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