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What's New in v2.1.2?

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What's New in v2.1.2
1 - Premium key is added to the not key.
2- Null string key structure added.
3- Additional variable properties added.
4-CT Eagles are compatible with v2.1.2 and v2.1.1 configs except for configers written using new features in MBY v2.1.2.
What's new in v2.1.1?
1- Program works with Net Framework 4.5. Update it if it is not installed or older.
2 - OCR system activated. If your system does not work, check your Net Framework version.
3-Form analysis and refresh data feature. We can manually fill in the areas that we can not analyze, where we are missing something wrong.
4 - Parsing has been transferred to the Regex system. Automatic parsing instructions are available on the program. In case of incorrect parsing, we fill in the fields manually.
5 - Individual user and pass list loading feature.
6- Improved combo filtering system. You can do many things without needing an additional tool. Instructions are available on the program.
7- Usage interfaces are made simpler and more understandable.
8 - Proxy and proxyseless screening systems have been made more stable.
9- All features of CT Eagles MBY Beta v2.0 have been preserved and the improvements have been made without deterioration.
What's New in v2.0?
1-Variables system developed. In the old system, a limited number of variables can be created, while in v2.0 the number limit and limit are removed.
2- The number limit and limit are removed in Capture.
3 - Scanned sites and configs have been added to the memory retention feature.
4- The last combos recalled and added the ability to start from where you left or where you wanted.
5- Advanced combo scanning feature added. User: Pass User: Pass: User: Pass Pass: Mail Single Pass, plus combo filtering, minimum length, maximum length. When these features are enabled, they use a lot of system resources and are not recommended for low-end PCs!
6-Sock / 4 Sock / 5 proxy browsing feature added.
7-Sent header editing feature added.
8- The combo reading system has been changed over the RAM in the old system, and the use of ram in this system has decreased to 0. The program's CPU and RAM indicators show general usage, not the source of the program, unlike what you might think!
9- Added OCR reading feature. Although there are many OCRs that can be overcome, there is a defect in the image sync, so use is closed until it is edited.
10- The whole program is written from 0 to the beginning. Since the scope and detail are too many, missed, skipped situations will come out and exit. If you write the missing and the defects under the topic, you will contribute to the development of the program.


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