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educational x1 Udemy.com |Premium | Total Courses: 61- 30 visably listed in post.


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x1 Udemy.com |Premium | Total Courses: 61- 30 visably listed in post.

Title #1: Reiki and Colour Therapy
Title #2: 7 Creative Leadership Skills that Drive Change
Title #3: Learn 30 New Things In 30 Days!
Title #4: Face Yoga Method - Take five years Off your face in months
Title #5: How to have Extraordinary Sleep & Wake Up Energized & Happy
Title #6: How To Make Family-Friendly Raw Cookies
Title #7: The Science of Body-Mind-Spirit
Title #8: Laughter Yoga For Beginners
Title #9: Yin Yoga to Heal & Restore
Title #10: Learn Self Massage Using a Tennis Ball
Title #11: Build Your Ideal Reiki Business
Title #12: Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification
Title #13: Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification
Title #14: Like a Superhero Guide to Super Motivation and Happiness
Title #15: Hypnotherapy - What is Hypnosis?
Title #16: Unclog Your Happiness; Transformation Meditation
Title #17: Awaken Inner Love: Spiritual Wisdoms & Meditations
Title #18: Meditation for Beginners... Without the Fluff!
Title #19: Learn Mindfulness Meditation for a Calmer and Clearer mind
Title #20: EFT Mastery - Relational Tapping
Title #21: How to go viral on Social Media - #1 :Rewards
Title #22: A Modern Day Guide To Stop Procrastinating
Title #23: The Complete Productivity Course: Do More With Less Effort
Title #24: Entrepreneur's Guide to Effective Design of a Fan Page
Title #25: How To Grow Your Local Business With Facebook
Title #26: Facebook Marketing: How To Improve Your Fan Page Performance
Title #27: How To Create High-Quality Blog Content That Gets Shared
Title #28: 10 Copywriting Hacks That Work in 2017
Title #29: How To Achieve Your Personal Goals In 12 Months
Title #30: How To Create An Online Course That Sells



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