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@BuRn1™ This looks very intriguing! I am doing some reading up on the service as you suggested, hopefully this at last is the solution i've been looking for. I have had quite a headache lately from purchasing a roku express for my grandparents, they arent technologically inclined and dont get to enjoy all its features and programs and arent interested in learning. so if it doesnt work smoothly and consistently 100% of the time, frustration quickly sets in and immediately opt to switch back to cable tv for its simplicity.

A major hurdle has been understanding concepts that are second hand to me, such as navigating the interface and selecting from the various channels such a hulu, youtube, amazon  plus, and pluto tv (which many services offer comparible programs, but require seperate memberships) is a steep learning curve and since i reside in canada in order to view american content im forced to jump through certain hoops that require research and trial and error  to jump through and arent intuitive for most seniors to figure out. USA residents are very favored in terms of abundance and quality of the content they can access. 

Anyways, finished venting so please dont mind the paragraphs. Would like to thank you for sharing this with the forum! I Greatly appreciate your efforts with this forum! Will test and report back on success  hopefully, Thanks again @BuRn1™ !

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