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Hello Crackia, I'm Nyx

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Hi everyone.

My nickname is Nyx and I've been cracking/hacking for over 5 years, but of course I'm not an expert, yet.

I am mainly into Cyber Security and anything that has to do with hacking/malware etc. but I also crack and know anything related to Cracking. 

Just about 2 years ago I came into contact with communities related to cracking, so I stuck around and here I am.

I'm quite known on the forum c.to and a very active member and contributor, and I plan to do the same here and I'm more than happy to help anyone who needs help.

I'm more than eager to meet y'all and expand my social circle.



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        (   WELCOME TO CRACKIA  )                 


l          We Are Very Happy To Have You As A Part Of Our Community        l


l                    Thanks For Joining Us!!!!!!!!!                   l


l                       Always follow The Rules                     l

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