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openbullet OpenBullet CI Plugins - from 1.2.0+


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This will not be hidden cause it goes with OB 1.2.0 and it is a neat feature on making configs and combos and a few other things in the plugins section of OB. This was not made by me and i wont take the credit. I am just sharing it so credit will go to the one that made it.


This is a collection of plugins for OpenBullet


First you need to update your OpenBullet with CI Updater 1.3+

here: CI Updater 1.3: https://anonfile.com/p5b3j0i7o9/_1.3_CIUpdater_rar

=================== Changelog version 1 ===================



-- Balance Calculator --
Pick a config, type the name of the variable where you captured a balance (for example GC balance) and the plugin will calculate the total sum of cracked balance

-- Combo Cleaner --
Pick a wordlist and you can - remove empty lines - keep only valid userpass / mailpass / lines that respect custom regex - sort alphabetically or by length (ascending or descending) - shuffle lines - remove duplicate lines

-- Combo Creator --

Pick a line of usernames and a list of passwords and the plugin will create a combo with all combinations

-- Combo Converter --

Converts mailpass to userpass and userpass to mailpass using given email domain

-- Discord Webhook --

Listens to your Runners and whenever you get a hit it sends it to a discord webhook. After pasting the webhook, please restart OpenBullet

-- Hits Uploader --

Upload hits automatically on ghostbin, password protected pastes are supported, and immediately get a link in your clipboard ready to be pasted, all in a single click!

-- Nord Proxy Generator --

Type your NordVPN email and pass and you will get about 15k SOCKS5 proxies imported directly ready for use

-- Config Template Creator --

Creates a config with the basic blocks needed in 90% of the configs




-- MegaNZ --

Crack MegaNZ accounts. If the account is not valid it will give FAIL, otherwise it will capture current and max quota (in bytes) and it will capture a certain amount of files that you desire, so you can then search through them for specific things you want or just to see what type of stuff the account has inside.




Unrar PluginsCI.rar into Plugins folder.
You need OpenBullet 1.2.0+ for use it






1) Right Click on CIPlugin.dll in Plugins folder
2) Settings

3) Put the tick on v1fFKo.pngand apply

4) Eventually disable Windows Defender

That's all


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