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BaZookaCRAFT v2 - Minecraft Checker - Non Auth - Capture Added


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People are saying its a malware but its not. Its a false positive. If you dont trust me then do not download or run in a sandboxie.

[v2 of BaZookaCRAFT which was released 4 months ago with no capture, and shit threading, obv I have gotten better over the past few months]
Nfa - Sfa - Mfa - Username 

DOWNLOAD: https://www.upload.ee/files/12530188/BaZookaCRAFT_v2.rar.html

VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b1819b36299ec0ab17ec2d3707dd878cbc04bcd346dd0701b1de6636c0919930/detection

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