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Application For Cracker Status....


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Hello to all, some of you may remember or know me? I've been on the cracking scene since 2005. I've been a member of Team XPC, Golden Joint, Cracking Forum, Cracked To and countless other forums. I was also on the FTA scene and did some work making .bin's for Pansat receivers. I'm experienced in "rare" and hard to hit sites. I've cracked porn, VPN, sports sites, news sites, IPTV, and just about anything else 😉 I do travel for work so I am unable to crack at a "per day" level----so if that is a requirement to stay promoted I cannot fulfill that. I will however post when I can. 🙂

Some of my work:






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On 12/28/2022 at 3:09 PM, xcyclonix said:

@sodusmewhy withdrawl application .. if you don't want to say it's ok buddy

you seem like a good cracker | Poster you would qualify .. just saying.

... x

I posted this and received no answer forever......I got tired of waiting and withdrew the request.

If you'd like to upgrade me I would appreciate it. I'm not very active so please be aware of that, BUT with access to more powerful tools and configs I could post higher quality content.

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