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Twitter Ban Service ( Twitter Ban ) (Up to 8 Million Followers)


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After months of providing a similar service for Instagram, I am now promoting this new service for Twitter.

Instagram Ban You can check the location here.

[ MOST ] IG / TIKTOK / FB / Twitter / Whatsapp Ban (Up to 8 Million Followers)

All the time I have received requests to ban Twitter Accounts from on-site and off-site members, Over the past few months I've been testing different ways to successfully implement this service.

I am now more than confident that I can complete this service. If you have any questions after reading this topic, please contact me at my contact addresses.

My job will be to close an account. I do not guarantee whether it will be reinstated. In this case, no refund will be made.

Refund will be made only in case of failure to close the requested account. I also provide Username Request Service. In case you want to get an account username taken by a random person. You can request removal of the account from me and then use my service to get that username.

After the account is closed, you must wait at least six months to use the Username Request Service. And Yes, I can request any Username even if they are banned or Disabled. It should not be generic and contain at least 6 characters.

We do not use any Audience Reporting or anything of that nature.

Permanent Deletion of Accounts is also available but the cost is VERY HIGH!!

I only accept Crypto as payment. BTC/ETH is preferred.

To take advantage of this service, please send me a PM with the template below.

Account Username -
Number of Followers -
The amount you want to pay -


Whatsapp: https://wa.me/+905358428378 / +90 535 842 8378
ICQ: l33133l / https://icq.im/l33133l
Telegram: https://t.me/askedpunk / @askedpunk

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