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iptv IPTV Help please


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First of all Merry Christmas and happy new year to the whole team at Crackia.

I am an amateur IPTV hacker but i tend to rely on sites posted on the internet like your own. I think you could call me a leecher which isn't really fair to be using sites posted by yourself.
This however is the only way i know how to find new IPTV providers. I am very aware of everything to do with IPTV. I tend to use Storm or open bullet, but it will be from one of the forum pages or another i have found on the internet. I tried a GITHUB program called Pirate-Iptv Pinperette and i just couldn't get it running.

Please could you kindly advise how i could stop leeching and find my own servers? Its the last piece of my IPTV jigsaw i need to complete.
I am not running any form of webpages to publish, its just for personal use and i am wondering if you could guide me on how to find my own IPTV servers with out having to Leech on peoples hard work.
I love your page but leeching is unfair to your hard work, but this is the only option i know. Please could you kindly help me find my own Servers or what tool i should add?

I don't sell any information!! i just have a great interest in the hacking of IPTV. I use my own tools and i have thousands of accounts that i could sell but i am not interested in this. I just want to learn more and i thought i would ask you because your all awesome and maybe able to point me in the right direction as to how I can find my own IPTV servers?
Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Have a merry Christmas and New year

Graham Watts

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