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Bitcoin hunter API blockchain Mnemonic


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A mnemonic phrase brute that generates random 12-word phrases and checks them for balance.
If the balance is more than > 0.00000000, then wallets.txt is created and the phrase is stored there along with the wallet address.

There are three programs in the folder

(selects phrases according to the address format 13YkvfyZJa3gYDW83JpJV4SsPK5k4EEVGy)

(selects phrases according to the address format 3N2JXsVm2Jpmy9EWqCvL8EwmjiLQGZrgod)

(selects phrases according to the address format bc1qxxmess52k69w4h2g7v9tjd8kjxc4a0lmmnankt)
Streams can be set depending on the speed of your Internet.

Using the mnemonic phrase, you can go to the Electrum wallet, or the mobile application "Bitcoin wallet com"
The phrase completely matches the wallet address.


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While I appreciate the technical effort, it's crucial to use tools like this ethically and within legal boundaries. The mnemonic phrase brute forcing can have negative implications, and I'd advise against using it for any unauthorized purposes. It's better to use new crypto currencies from https://presale.world/launches/recent. Good luck!

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