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[*] Functions

VK - votes, friends, link, administered groups
BattleNet - games, purchases, keys, gifts, mail, 2fa
YouTube - all channels, subscribers, monetization, 2fa, monetization, link
Grabber - collection of Telegram and files by keywords
Discord - collecting tokens, checking badges, payment systems, servers, spam
CoinBase - balance, 2fa, the ability to disable 2fa, mail NetFlix
- subscription, mail
FreeBitcoin - balance
HumbleBundle - mail, balance
Kryptex - balance, mail
Instagram - followers, mail, link, verification
TikTok - followers, likes, link
GooglePay - linked payment methods
Google - mail
Sorter - sorting material according to your settings
Twitter - subscribers, friends, name, verification, 2fa, link
Twitch - subscribers, Turbo, Prime, Bits, payment methods
CryptoWallets - checking 30+
Exodus wallets, Electrum -
BTC password, DOGE, LTC -
Metamask, Ronin, BinanceChain balance are checked for password, balance, staking, tokens, hidden tokens, deposit, NFT, Axies
Funpay - nickname, balance, transactions
Steam - nickname, inventory value, balance, CSGO skins, knives , prime, 2fa, mail, link, payment method, phone, all inventory, auto-open inventory
Amazon - payment methods
Proton - 2fa, nickname, mail, phone
· Roblox - robux, RAP, premium, nickname, mail, 2fa, pin, link, gamepass
· Emails - search emails by Gmail, Yandex, MailRU, Yahoo
· Facebook - name, balance, spent balance, tokens, payment methods, check all assets
EpicGames - name, mail, skins, skins picture generation, level, level, seasons history, donations, bp, last game, 2fa
BaseClipper - base generation by keywords and total base
Genshin Impact - skins, weapons, region , achievements, active days, image generation with skins and weapons


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