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telegram sender pro Telegram Sender Pro v8.4.5.0 Full Activated Telegram Marketing


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FREE software to send bulk Telegram messages directly from your PC. Best Telegram marketing and sender tool.


Telegram Sender Pro Full Activated is software designed for those who want to send Telegram messages directly from PC in a simple and effective way. Telegram Sender Pro Full Activated does not requires API and uses Telegram Web technology to automate various operations such as sending messages, adding members to your group, etc.


* Create and send personalized messages to Telegram contacts or user lists (phone number or username list)

* Import contacts (Telegram username or phone numbers) from your PC (from TXT file)

* Send Telegram messages even to contacts you don’t have in your address book

* Triple sending mode: send Telegram messages to user lists (through their “username”), to your Telegram contacts or to Telegram groups/channels

* Allows you to create multiple versions of a message and send them randomly (to reduce the risk of bans)

* Ability to see sending reports in real-time

* Ability to set a random delay between messages to reduce the risk of bans

* Ability to send Telegram messages with attachments: photos, videos, PDF documents, Word, text files, etc …

* Ability to extract up to 2000000 telegram’s id from each Telegram Group.

* Add members to your group from a username list loaded into the program. If, on the other hand, you want to add members from a competing group to yours,

* To get started download and install the program on your Windows PC in the FREE version from the following link


Password 123







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