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Super mod

This pack contains almost 28 checkers of different sites. I haven’t tested all checkers before posting but I’m sure most of them are working. This pack contains following checkers. Use it at your own risk.

Better to use RDP/Sandbox for safety.

4shared Checker v1.0.0
AdFly Checker v1.0
AdFocus Checker v1.0.2 BETA
Codeacademy Checker v1.0.0
Crunchyroll Checker v1.0
CyberGhost Checker v1.0
eBay Registration Checker v1.0
ExpressVPN Checker v1.0.0
File-Upload Checker v1.0.0
Fuckbook Brute Checker v1.0
HitLeap Account Checker v1.0.0
Hotspot Shield Checker v1.0.0
Hulu Checker v1.0
Instagram Account Checker v1.0
LinkedIn Checker v1.0
Minecraft Premium Username Checker v1.0.0
NordVPN Checker v1.0.0
Pandikey Checker v1.0.0
Reddit Checker v1.0.0
Roblox Checker v1.0.1
RuneScape Checker v1.0
Scribd Checker v1.0
Server.pro Account Checker v1.0
tvONE Checker v1.0
Vape.gg Checker v1.0
Wish Checker v1.0
Wish Checker v1.1

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