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Botnet Service L7 - L4

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Powerful Layer 3 / 4 / 7
TCP Bypass / UDP Bypass (kills most game servers / applications)
Bypass Cloudflare UAM, Cloudflare reCAPTCHA & hCaptcha (custom pages as well),
Blazingfast, Sucuri WAF, DDOS-Guard, OVH UAM, Pipeguard, ArvanCloud and MORE!.
GET / POST with post data and %RAND% support.
10,000 Unique IPs per attack
HTTP and SOCKET mode
Browser-like requests (headless)
Ratelimit bypass mode
Geo block bypass (multiple origins, korea, hong kong, china, etc)
Cheap pricing
High slots (attack space) availability
Optional API access
Automatic payments
Can attack .onion websites
OVH bypass over UDP (ts3, samp, arma, rust, etc)
1M pps and over 100k rqps PER concurrent (stack-able)

Captcha: Can bypass cloudflare recaptcha & hcaptcha in some sites HTTP mode cant.
Universal: Can bypass most JS challenges and cloudflare recaptcha & hcaptcha.
HTTP mode is still bypassing UAM, captcha & recaptcha as well as most JS challenges.
Socket mode is still sending a huge amount of http requests per second.

The AVERAGE power for 1 CONCURRENT of the REGULAR network is:
100K RQPS (Layer 7)
1M pps (Around 700 Gbps depending on method)

The more concurrents you send the higher the total power output is.
OWNER : ~ https://tls.tc/GNuIb
Grups : https://tls.tc/Cl9LO
Gurp Chat : https://tls.tc/0orkg

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