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New SOL Drainer, warnings Bypasses.


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Eclipse Drainer Features: 

Greetings to the Crypto and DApp Community, 

Today, we're thrilled to announce our newest endeavor: stepping into the expansive and dynamic world of crypto DApps, starting with the Solana network. 

🥇 SOL & SPL Token Transfer: Seamless handling of SOL and SPL tokens.🔍 Auto-Detect & Telegram Notification: Receive instant alerts via Telegram when a site is flagged by Blowfish.
👻 Phantom Unverified Site Bypass: Automated bypassing of unverified sites on Phantom.
🚫 Asset Change Warning Bypass: Skip asset change warnings effortlessly.
🤖 Telegram Bot for Stats & Management: Manage and track your stats conveniently through a dedicated Telegram bot.
🌐 Sleek & Modern UI: User-friendly interface for easy configuration and management.
🔔 Customizable Notifications: Toggle specific notifications as desired.
️ Super Fast Backend: Experience lightning-fast performance with detailed duration reports.
🕵️ VPN Supported RPC: Robust RPC which does not block VPNs.
💸 Auto-Split & Asset Transfer: Automatic splitting and transferring of assets to your wallet.
💳 No Transaction Fees: All fees and transaction costs are handled and covered by us.
🛡 Anti-Debugging & Custom Encryption: Advanced security with custom encrypted communications.
🖥 Three Web Modals: Choose from three self-remade web modals with no risk of project or account bans.
⏱ Fast Transfer Times: Enjoy transfer times as quick as 10-20 seconds.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey. 

Expect innovation, excellence, and a touch of the extraordinary. Here's to new beginnings and the art of the possible!

Contact @EclipseOwner
Telegram Channel: @EclipseDrainer

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